Savio AC Relay Championships: A unique annual tribute

Those who remember Fr Frank Clifton can surely recall his passion and devotion to the sport, as well as his leading stance in promoting athletics as a means for youth development. He truly believed athletic disciplines could instil a sense of purpose and sportive spirit among athletes, coaches and all those involved.

It is in this same sportive spirit that Savio AC (together with its volunteers) is, for the second year running, holding a unique tribute in the form of an athletic meeting, to its founder – a true Salesian role model, mentor and coach. Marking the second anniversary of his passing, this year, the Fr Clifton Memorial Relay Championships will be held on Saturday 10 June 2017 at the Matthew Micallef St John Athletic Track in Marsa, making it a truly special date on Malta’s jam-packed athletics calendar.

The one-day relay event will kick-off at 1pm and, similar to the 2016 edition, apart from the traditional 4x100m and middle distance relays, the Swedish Relay will feature as the highlight on the day whereby each team will cover a total distance of 1 kilometre (split between four runners) in this order: 1x100m, 1x300m, 1x200m and 1x400m. In addition to this, Savio AC is also inviting any organisation wishing to compete in what will transpire as the first Organisations Relay in the history of these Championships.

Team registration details can be obtained by visiting or by contacting Savio Athletics Club on

The event is supported by Eurosport, Crown Sauces and Go&Fun Green Energy Drink

Photo credit: Pierre Mangani

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